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Ichalkaranji is located in western part of Maharashtra in kolhapur district. It is situated on the bank of river Panchganga. It is famous for its powerlooms and textile industries in India. Therefore, it is called Manchester of Maharashtra .
About 100 years ago Ichalkaranji was a village having 5-6 thousand population. That time only 15 Maheshwari families were present. Shrimant Narayanrao Gohorpade, the land lord ofIchalkaranji had an atmost wish that Ichalkaranji should make progress in business and should be expanded. For this purpose he motivated people to start their business in Ichalkaranji. He made people belive that he will make all possible efforts to support these people for their business. Because of his fruitful efforts, the business started expanding. Firstly, the production of clothes started with handlooms and then it replaced with the powerlooms.
Since 1955, powerloom industries became a number of Maheshwari families started shifting to Ichalkaranji. After 1970, the number people stared increasing here rapidly. Today Maheshwari’s population in Ichalkaranji is about 1500 families. From last 40 years, in this way, we, the Maheshwari’s made the great progress over here.
In 1972, the Akhil Bhartiya Maheshwari Maha Sabha Summit took place in Kolkata. For this summit, the member of Ichalkaranji Maheshwari committee also went to participate there. There they got the inspiration to unite the Maheshwari committee. After coming to Ichalkaranji they called the meeting of head from Maheshwari committee and they threw idea about the union of Maheshwari committee in the meeting. The decision of formation of “Mahesh Seva Samiti ” also took place in the meeting. It was also decided to construct the Mahesh bhavan during that meeting, for construction of bhavan, the member of Maheshwari Samaj announced a donation of Rs 3 lacs. The construction of that huge bhavan has started on 12th feb 1975. He perform his task very well. Finally, the construction of bhavan was successfully completed in 1977. In this way our community got a bhavan having various facilities. Today Shri Mahesh Seva Samiti is only association to guide Maheshwari committee.
Shri Mahesh Seva Samiti includes Shri Maheshwari mahila mandal of Ichalkaranji for women, Shri Mahesh navyuvak mandal of Ichalkaranji for young boys, Shri Maheshwari kishori mandal of Ichalkaranji for young girls. Shri Mahesh Seva Samiti provides financial help to needy people. Shri Mahesh Seva Samiti organises prgrammes of various kind of social purpose such as education purpose medical purpose career guidence programmes for students and etc.
In Ichalkaranji rajsthani committee the number of Maheshwari families is highest. People of our caste are involed in all business related to powerlooms such as powerlooms, autolooms, sizing, process, spinning, yarn, trading, aadat ,brokerage, jobs, etc. In beginning, people were more interested in trading. But from now a days, people starts their own factories with the looms like Powerlooms, Autolooms, Ruti-c, Rapier, Shuttleless, Airjet, auto-sizing, warping etc. which seems like a business mill units because, of which 1000 of people get employment. Some of the people are also included in different services. Education progress of our people is tremendous. In Ichalkaranji there is not even a single stream in which the contribution of Maheshwari committee is not there. There is a important partipation of Maheshwari committee in various charitable institution, educational institution, medical institution, and corporate institution of the city. Various social institution related to Maheshwari committee are there. Such as,

Many people of our committee are active in social activities and politics. Our committee member enlighten the name of Maheshwari committee actively participating in the working of Rotary Club of Ichalkaranji , Lions Club of Ichalkaranji, Maheshwari Yuva Munch of Ichalkaranji, etc. Inculding this contribution of our people in political area is remarkable. They performed their role in Municipal Corporation on the post of Chairman, Vice Chairman and Counselor.
In this way, the member of Maheshwari committee provided various facilities & services to various places in the social gatherings.
In Ichalkaranji, Shri Mahesh Seva Samiti was established in year 1972. During this region of late Shri Sitaramji dalya. From this region, Ichalkaranji Maheshwari committee started developing in social services & he proper direction to the committee successfully continued by the member of the committee. Till today the period of head is given below :-

Today with the support of our member of our working committee, their social attitude towards society, Because of which our society is untied. Which is result of everyone’s efforts. In this way, within a short period of time the progress of committee is remarkable. In Ichalkaranji our Maheshwari committee has made an special image in every field.
In Mahesh Seva Samiti, The festival of Mahesh Navami is celebrated with lots of joy. Which is celebrated upto 20days. Various competition are organized for children, youngster, gents, ladies all are participation with enthusiasm. Then on of Mahesh Namavi certificates & prices are given to the winners & if some students get rewarded for some special qualifications, medals & certificates are given to them.
On that day of Mahesh Namavi shobha-yatra of lord Shiv is taken out in the morning. Thousand of the people of our committee are eagerly attending the shobha-yatra. After shobha-yatra Blood Donation Camp is organized by Navyuvak Mandal in which number of the members participating for the social purpose. In the evening whole Maheshwari committee have dinner together.Apart from this, Diwali gatherings, Holi gatherings, for women Sankarnti, festival of teej & Gangore etc. Festival are organized.

Mahwarisamaj Ichalkaranji